The Learn In Public Workbook

Doug Neill

There are no longer any barriers keeping you from creating your own career, other than your own fears.

For many professions, a degree no longer matters. What matters is demonstrating your skill and your dedication to the craft you've chosen to pursue.

When you learn in public, you do that. You share your skill development and your works in progress, even before you think you're ready.

To overcome the fears that come along with that act of vulnerability, The Learn In Public Workbook will help you develop a strategy for sharing your skill development online as you move toward the work and the life that excites you.

Part 1: The Lay Of The Land

I'll set the stage by demonstrating how the online landscape is full of opportunities for those who are willing to put themselves and their work out there.

Part 2: Learning...

You'll begin developing your strategy for learning in public, starting with your core values and the goal that you're working toward. You'll develop a plan that combines your own learning experiences with the appropriate amount of reflection and documentation of those experiences.

Part 3: ...In Public

Then we'll tackle the online foundation that is needed to share your learning and making with others. You'll set up a home base - a website that you own and control, and then you'll connect with others via the social media platforms that align with your work and your style.

Part 4: Execute & Iterate

Finally, you'll put your plan into action. You'll begin learning, documenting, sharing, and connecting. In the process you'll gain a deeper understanding of how you work, and how best to share what you're working on with others. With that new understanding that can only be gained through experience, you'll adapt your strategy as you make steady progress toward your personal and professional goals.

Without an actionable and adaptable strategy your fears might get the best of you.

But with one you'll have the confidence to start working toward the career and the life that excites you.

The Learn In Public Workbook will give you that strategy.

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